Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Little Indiana Jones

Copan Ruinas, Honduras – La Pintada is little neighborhood nestled several kilometers from the famous ruins of Copan.  Many neighborhoods like this know very little about the exciting archeological discoveries that take place within their own back yards, not to mention the know-how or career path to these great adventures.

Archeologist Argi Diez, of Spain, and artist Carin Steen, of Holland, have created a curriculum of simulated digs and discoveries for school-aged children that help illustrate the technical know-how of becoming an archeologist and the cultural importance of preserving history.

These images are part of an ongoing story.


Carin, left, and Argi walk towards La Pintada carrying their archeological discoveries workshop.


While Argi leads a class discussion some students are still a little shy to enter the room.


Class begins with each student “unearthing” an archeological discovery.


One of the first steps upon a discovery is to carefully brush off any dirt.


Then one tags their discovery for proper identification.


Argi leads a class discussion.


Students pay attention to Argi’s explanations.


Carin laughs with a student as he turns in his archeological art project.


Argi and Carin with their students.  I am not sure all these children were part of the class but they wanted their picture taken anyway!

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